Did you know that digestive health can drive ADHD, learning delay, allergies, anxiety, asthma, autism, bedwetting, eczema, mood and sleep disorders?

At Thrive, as proud members of the Mindd Foundation, we know that healthy bodies build strong brains. We are passionate about bringing greater awareness to families about the impact of nutrition and diet on physical and mental health.

‘Our children are telling us they need clean air, clean water, clean soil; wholesome food that is toxic free, unrefined and unprocessed; individualised education; and a medical approach that supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself.’ – Leslie Embersits, Director of the Mindd Foundation

Promotion of a healthy home is of paramount importance to the well-being of our kids. As we closely monitor your child’s needs, we may provide you with health/nutritional tips for optimal learning, concentration and behaviour. It may also be beneficial for your child to visit an integrative health/nutrition professional for further assessment. When underlying biochemical and digestive issues are addressed first, other therapies, such as OT or speech therapy, are often more beneficial.

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