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Once a child has a firm foundation of good health and strong sensory-motor skills, they may benefit from an individualised training program to strengthen their cognitive skills. At Thrive, evidence-based neuroscience programs are used to train the core cognitive skills the brain uses to learn, read, remember and sustain attention. Think of it as a gym workout for the brain!

Unlike tutoring which provides extra practice and instruction in specific academic areas, cognitive training targets the foundational cognitive skills that may be keeping your child from grasping new information in the first place, like attention, memory, processing and sequencing. These cognitive skills are central to all learning, resulting in improved outcomes for reading and other subject areas, too. The fun and intensive computer-based cognitive exercises are designed by neuroscientists to challenge your brain, and are only provided under the guidance of a certified coach. Please contact us for more information.

  • Fast ForWord® processing training – The Fast ForWord program is based on over 30 years of research into how the brain learns. Fast ForWord is an online program designed to help those who require improvement in auditory processing, processing speed, short term and working memory, sequencing, attention, reading and spelling. It is different from other interventions because it strengthens the key pathways in the brain that help children learn, so they can pay closer attention to their teachers, absorb information faster, and remember what they are taught.
  • Cogmed working memory training – The Cogmed program is an evidence-based intervention for improving attention by training working memory. Studies consistently show that most people with attention deficits have a working memory deficit. Working memory is the ability we have to hold information in our minds, keeping it active for a short span of time, so that we can use it in our thinking. It is critical for focusing our attention, shutting out distractions, following instructions, learning and successfully completing tasks.

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